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Medical division

Removal, treatment, and final disposal of special and hazardous medical waste such as: biological, infectious, pathological, sharp, anatomic, expired medication, and other regulated hazardous waste as per current and environment regulations.

Expired or in poor condition pharmaceutical or healthcare products.

We offer our clients the sale of Medical waste supplies such as yellow and red bags and containers for its proper segregation.

Maritime Division

We have obtained authorization of the Agricultural and Livestock Service for the disembarkation, transportation, treatment and final disposal of organic waste from international ships and from domestic ports located in areas under internal quarantine.

Inorganic waste reception services described in Appendix V of the MARPOL 73/78 Convention such as plastic, operational waste, dunning, etc.

We offer the elimination of hazardous waste such as wipes, personal protection equipment contaminated with hydrocarbons, universal and electronic waste such as light bulbs, batteries, fluorescent lamps, computers, and small electronic devices in general.

General Services division

Destruction of confidential public and private documents.

Removal, elimination, and final disposal of merchandise expired, in poor condition, or seized by customs or the police.

Pet Cremation

We offer a personalized pet cremation service to provide a special and meaningful rest to our loyal companions.
This personalized service includes the delivery of ashes in an urn. Available in Iquique and Alto Hospicio.